Autotech High Volume Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit 2.0T FSI


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The Autotech HPFP Kit can achieve flow rates 50% higher than the original pump, essentially removing pump limitations from the equation, even on high-end turbo upgrades.

Autotech HPFP kit continues to be the benchmark that imitators strive to reach. However, Autotech’s HPFP Kit is not easily duplicated.

There are many reasons why Autotech’s Kit is superior. This is what Autotech had to say:

~Each piston (9.8mm) and cylinder in Autotech HPFP kit undergo high-precision grinding processes many times during their manufacture, ensuring that the most precise tolerances are maintained through the final step. Not the cheapest way to make them, but the best way.

~Each piston and cylinder are match-ground and serialized to ensure absolute precision and the utmost longevity.

~Autotech was the first to incorporate plasma DLC coating on HPFP components to reduce friction losses and increase performance. Others have tried to follow by adding a coating to their parts. However, the DLC process alone is not enough – it is not a cure for substandard precision – the parts must be engineered specifically for the process to take full advantage: Autotech’s are. The success we have in the field can attest to that.

Revo trust Autotech’s HPFP in their conversions and upgrades because it works, and works well.

We strongly recommend that you purchase a new Cam Follower and O-Ring Seal, replacing these at time of installing the Autotech internals.


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